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Trampoline – The Bounciest place on Earth!

Rebounce offers more than 70 trampolines and many different modules such as high performance trampolines, wall trampolines, dodgeball game, basketball, slackline, parkour, ninja warrior track, basketball and much more.

While jumping do not forget your safety and of your companions.


Dodge if you Dare and try not to get eliminated! Be the last one standing!

You’ve never experienced a dodgeball game until you’ve experienced Dodgeball at Rebounce! Not only does the dodgeball fly, but so will you and your teammates as you jump and swerve to avoid the ball or to tag players on the other team. It is an improved version of the classic dodge ball game for trampolines. Two teams are fighting against each other on the trampoline track. Use acrobatic moves to dodge the ball or get under way while throwing off the ball with the help of trampolines.


Basketball courts that will bounce you 10 feet in the air!

If you’ve been to Rebounce you had known the thrill of making a basket as you fly in the air. It is one of our most addictive attractions in the trampoline area. Divided into three categories Bounce, Bouncier and Bounciest work your swag in front of all your family and friends.

Super Jump Trampoline

Fly in the air, without any fear!

Do you want to know how flying in the air feels like? Super Jump area at Rebounce is the place to be then. Bounce as much as you want, let the trampoline take you unimaginable height of 12 feet and above. It’s the best place to show your moves (P.S if you are trained) You will find trainers flipping and back flipping in the air, a sight you would want to behold. These trampolines have been designed to bring your jumping skills to perfection.

Foam Pit

Feel a rush as you jump, flip, twist or vault into our pit!

Knowing that a pit of softness is suspended below, our foam airbag pit gives you the confidence to jump with abandon and feel the freedom that comes with true weightlessness. Throw your friend in a pool of foam and enjoy as they try their best to get out of it. Our foam pits are closest you will ever be to being a child again.

Ninja Course

Face off against your friends as you battle to be the last warrior standing!

If you really want a big adrenaline boost, measure yourself on the ninja warrior tracks. The course requires serious physical fitness, only the most experienced adventurous can run without difficulties. Race who can run faster on the obstacle track. Do not worry about falling down into a soft sponge pool in case you fail to complete the track.

Air Bag Jump

Fly and land like a real stunt!

Air bag allows you to land in safe and cushioned area. It is combined with a jumping stand board and trampolines. Jump into the air bag from trampolines of different heights or from the jumping stations at multiple places to enjoy a real adventure of flying without risk. Keep in mind that you should land on your back and not on your head to avoid any injuries.

Climbing Wall

Just keep climbing or fall in the foam pit!

You can climb up to the climbing wall in the Rebounce trampoline park without the need for a safety rope. It does not matter if you can not do it and you fall down. When you land, you arrive in a foam pit, so surely nothing will happen to you. Try to catch the grips, climb in every direction, and if you are tired, thud in the sponge pool.

Wraped Wall

Think you can conquer the tricky curved incline of the Warped Wall? Featuring platforms of different heights, the Warped Wall will bring out the best of the athlete in everyone.