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Fun Activities

Arcade games to trampoline, shooting to bowling, laser tag to laser spy, turf to food court. There’s something for each one of you.

Kids Soft Play Area

A gamezone without kids play area is no gamezone at all. Slides, ball pool area, bgun ball shooter, free fall are few to name. A favourite amongst kids it’s the best place to leave your children as you play other games at Rebounce.


Take the perfect stride, let go of the ball, knock off pins in style at the Rebounce bowling arena. At our UV-lit bowling alley, the only thing you lose is track of time. 6 lane bowling with a DJ music playing it’s the only place you had want to come again to bowl.

Wall Climbing

Some of us come to this sport for a sense of adventure. Some want the thrill of being high above the ground. Some of us love the physical and mental challenge of figuring out how to push your body up the wall. Whatever the reason be Rebounce has levels of difficulty, choose as you come to climb.

Snooker Pool

Do you know Snooker is a cue sport that was first played by British Army officers stationed in India in the second half of the 19th century. Take a cup of coffee or a glass of thick shake and enjoy the game. A perfect ambience to play pool, you won’t need to keep track of the time.

Laser Spy

Ever watched a James Bond or Mission Impossible movie and fantasized about going on missions? Now’s your time to join the excitement! Gear up folks, it’s time to race against the clock and put your secret agent skills to work. Form a team and get ready to dodge lasers, complete mind-boggling team tasks, unlock new levels, collect secret codes, and complete your final mission before time runs out.

Laser Tag

Rebounce has got a mission for you. Your mission: Enter the Laser Tag war zone, shoot through the darkness and score as many points as you can for your team by striking members of the enemy forces in their target vests on each shoulder, their backs, fronts and phaser guns. And don’t forget, the enemy has its sights set on your target vests too, so do your best to out-think, out-run, and out-shoot your foe for overall supremacy. Are you ready to make it rain lasers like a true blue warrior?


If you are not shooting in the right direction it doesn’t matter how well you are shooting. Shooting is a sport enjoyed by many, an hobby inculcated by far too many. Rebounce has 6 professional shooting range of 10 meters each. Targets can be chosen before you start your game depending on the level of difficulty. A range of choices are available for guns and rifles.

Axe Throw

Yes you read it right! We are the only ones in the country offering this game. Anyone, from a beginner to an expert, will have fun in this sport, which is why it’s a great way to bring people together. Each player takes turns throwing an axe at the target. Each ring on the target is worth 1, 2, 3, or 4 points… To score a point, the axe head must stick to the board; if the axe bounces off, no points are scored. If the axe head is in two rings, take the greater of the two scores.

Shuffle Board

Reading the name for the first time? Come try it out and you would never want to not play it again. Favourite amongst kids and adults of all age group, you definitely don’t want to miss giving it a try. Shuffleboard is a game where players take turns sliding weighted pucks down a long, smooth table made of wood. The end of the table is marked with specific areas for scoring.

The Flying Cycle

Have you sat in a cycle before? Have you sat in a cycle which revolves 360* Witness the fun as you turn upside down on the cycle, only at Rebounce!