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Enter The Heaven

Rebounce is an entertainment zone which provides a great leisure time for all ages. Arcade games to trampoline, shooting to bowling, laser tag to laser spy, turf to food court. There’s something for each one of you.


Whether you’re a beginner, seasoned gymnast or free style champion, you will love our wall-to-wall trampolines to jump, bounce and flip for hours of fun!  Spread across an area of 18000 sq feet everyone gets free space to  jump around. Rebounce offers more than 70 trampolines and many different modules such as high performance trampolines, wall trampolines, dodgeball game, basketball, slackline, parkour, ninja warrior track, basketball and much more.

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Take the perfect stride, let go Hausarbeit schreiben lassen kosten of the ball, knock off pins in style at the Rebounce bowling arena. At our UV-lit bowling alley, the only thing you lose is track of time. 6 lane bowling with a DJ music playing it’s the only place you had want to come again to bowl.

Laser Tag

Rebounce has got a mission for you. Your mission: Enter the Laser Tag war zone, shoot through the darkness and score as many points as you can for your team by striking members of the enemy forces in their target vests on each shoulder, their backs, fronts and phaser guns. And don’t forget, the enemy has its sights set on your target vests too, so do your best to out-think, out-run, and out-shoot your Hausrbeit schreiben lassen foe for overall supremacy. Are you ready to make it rain lasers like a true blue warrior?


If you are not shooting in the right direction, it doesn’t matter how well you are shooting. Shooting is a sport that many enjoy, but also a hobby that overwhelms many. If you need assistance with your academic work, a Ghostwriter Bachelorarbeit can help you. Rebounce has 6 professional shooting ranges, each with 10 meters. The targets can be selected before the game starts, depending on the level of difficulty. A selection of guns and rifles is available.”

Other Activities

Arcade games to trampoline, shooting to bowling, laser tag to laser spy, turf to food court. There’s something for each one of you.

Arcade & VR Games

Everyone is bound to find something they love, whether you’re 9 or 90. Exclusive team games in VR and the newest VR technology you will not find at other places.

Laser Spy

Ever watched a James Bond or Mission Impossible movie and fantasized about going on missions? Now’s your time to join the excitement! Gear up folks…

Axe Throw

Yes you read it right! We are the only ones in the country offering this game. Anyone, from a beginner to an expert, will have fun in this sport, which is why it’s a great way…

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