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Franchise Booklet

Our USP is that we impart an array of entertainment under one roof for the people of all the age groups.

As the name suggests, Rebounce means bounce again! We want people to bounce back in their life, fetch fun out of their busy schedule and keep themselves active with myriad activities and games. Within no time, Rebounce has become one of the leading game zones of Surat. We are the largest game zone in Surat having the largest trampoline park in India.

Benefits of partnering with Rebounce

We aren’t a one-trick pony, we are more than what’s seen. We offer many things beyond just selling games to our audience and joining hands together will be a win-win situation for both the parties.

You will be delivered a roadmap for your investment which will save your cost significantly.

We know what works and what doesn’t, with our proficiency we will bestow the requisite points that would keep the audience engaged.

After the years of research and experience, we will guide you throughout about the right investment such as, where should you invest, how to target the public, what should be the attractive points of the entertainment park, etc.

As marketing is a vital and most challenging part of a project, we will direct you to target the public on the floor and our trusted name will be an added advantage for the same.

For the newcomers, the most complex task is to have technical knowledge and support. With us, you will have all-round support on establishing the entertainment park with our shrewd technical expertise.

With us, you can save your time, money and energy as we can give you a readily blueprint on how to do the set-up of the entertainment park.

As we know, newcomers can always be tricked because of lack of connections, the right place to pitch and burdened with money as well. With us, you will get ample support concerning the suppliers for the components required in the set-up of the entertainment park.

Another problem you are likely to face is the management of the crowd. Well, the audience hates to be kept waiting especially when it comes to playing their favourite games. We will direct you as to how should you manage the crowd flow and keep their excitement intact at the same time.

When you would join hands with us, we will provide the staff with entire training in respect to how to deal with the public, how to extend their support while they play games, and suchlike with time and again sessions that will enhance their efficiency.

Interested for franchisee?

Together let’s create a benchmark in the entertainment industry.